1 Week Health Guarantee

 Purchase Agreement

Mountain Gems

Blackfoot, Idaho
Bill Of Sale     
Seller agrees to guarantee health of puppy for 1 week.  Your puppy MUST be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival to your home to validate this guarantee.  Should your veterinarian find your puppy to be unfit for sale at this initial examination, a full refund will be returned, provided original puppy is returned with a written statement from your veterinarian stating the nature of their findings.  Seller reserves the right to get a second opinion from a veterinarian of their choice before any refunds/exchanges occur. 
Only life-threatening conditions or illnesses are covered by this guarantee.  We do our best to insure a healthy puppy is provided.  A vet check was done at 6 weeks and no known problems existed at time of transfer.  This guarantee does not cover any of the following conditions or minor flaws: coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, pneumonia, ear mites, ear infections, skin mites, mange (sarcoptic demodectic or cheyletiella), cherry eye or any other non life-threatening eye, skin, or tissue issues, allergies, over or under bites, herniations, a non life-threatening open fontanel, non life-threatening bone or joint disorders such as but not limited to luxating patellas and heart murmurs that are not life threatening.  Seller cannot guarantee your puppy against any illness or opportunistic parasite brought on by stress of moving (to Buyer's home), shipping, or motion sickness brought on by being transported. This stress can result in illnesses or opportunistic parasites such as: giardia, hypoglycemia (low sugar shock), coccidia (dormant in most live animals), kennel cough, etc... Seller does not guarantee puppy to be free of worms as this is an ongoing process. All puppies are treated regularly according to our veterinarian's guidelines and worming will become the Buyer's responsibility once puppy is in their care. These are easily and economically treated and should they occur SELLER SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEDICAL EXPENSES OR OTHER COSTS THE BUYER HAS INCURRED. 
If your vet does find a life-threatening or life altering genetic defect (hearing loss, blindness, lameness etc.)  or serious disease such as parvo, buyer must be notified within one week of purchase.  At that time arrangements will be made for a different puppy, or first pick of next litter. 
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