Our puppies are raised in the country on 5 acres. They are exposed to kids and other animals daily. We give all our puppies plenty of attention and love and are looking for families willing to do the same. 

Dew Claws & Tails docked

- All our puppies have their dew claws removed at 2-3 days of life. This allows for the least stress and pain associated with this procedure. We will no longer be docking puppies tails unless otherwise requested, or if the puppy has a naturally docked tail at birth. This will save the puppies from any unnecessary pain or discomfort. Docking was done traditionally for these breeds because they would sometimes get their tails caught while working making it a hazard for them and their owners. If you would like to have this procedure done, you will need to have a deposit in place and a contract signed and be first on the waiting list for that litter. You will pick your puppy at time of birth in order to reserve your puppy preference at that time. Docking is done at 2-3 days of life for the least discomfort for the puppy. Please let us know if you wish for this to be done. Around half of Scouts puppies tails come naturally docked. If you wish for a docked tail we recommend picking one of her puppies but are willing to dock others if a deposit and everything is in place as mentioned above.

Health record - Every puppy will come with a full comprehensive vet check and a health record. They will be up to date on all vaccinations. They will receive a    


neopar shot at 5 weeks and the first in a three part series of shots at 6 weeks old. Your puppy will need the second shot in that series at 9 weeks, when you see your veteranarian for the first time. The last shot is given at 12 weeks. We do recommend giving an additional shot at 15-16 weeks to make sure they have acquired immunity to those diseases. After their initial series it is recommended for a booster shot to be given at a year. Please Follow your vet's recommendation for any further vaccinations.                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                            Wormer -

We also given wormer, Pyrantel Pamoate,  every 2 weeks until they go to their new home. Keeping your puppy worm free is very important and we recommend that you continue worming your puppy every 3 weeks, when they are given their shots, to keep your puppy healthy. After the puppies series please follow your veterinarians recommendation for a worming schedule.

Shedding - 

Our puppies have little to no shedding. Aussiedoodle's are a mixed designer bred. 50% Australian Shepherd and 50% Poodle. Each puppy is unique, some will take after the poodle side more than others. At 3-4 weeks we are able to see the curl coming in and can tell those puppies that will be curlier than others. The curliest puppies will have the smallest chance of shedding. We have sold puppies to homes with allergies and all reviews have been good with no shedding. We do recommend if you have allergies to pick the curliest coats to decrease the chance of any shedding. Because your puppy doesn't shed they do need to be groomed. When you take your puppy to be groomed for the first time, be aware that the adult coat can be slightly curlier than the puppy coat. We can't guarantee that your puppy will not shed, however, all our reviews have been no shedding as of now. 

Abilities -

Aussiedoodles are fast learners mix that with their loyal and loving personalities make them ideal for both service and hunting dogs. Our dogs have gone to homes in the country to help on the farm or to be a sport hunting dog. We have also had a few go to homes with special need to become a service dog for the family. Our puppies will make life long companions; as a friend, fellow hunter, or protector. 

Coloring -

Australian Shepherds are known for their beautiful coats and colors.

There are two main starting colors. Black & White and Red & White. These puppies will be either sold red or sold black with white highlights. These puppies can have the copper points as shown above. Our aussiedoodles don't normally get this trait. If the merle gene is passed on to your puppy they will become either a blue merle or a red merle. The merle gene causes a marbling effect on the puppies coat, creating diluted patches of color. Given the blue merles gray marbling and the red merles a lighter red marbling. Each merle puppy is different, their coat is determined before birth and it just depends on how the merle gene effects them. The merle effect will not wear off, their coat will look the same as adults. Some times the merling effect will become more pronounced with age but it won't go away. Puppies without the merle coloring at birth will not acquire it.                                                 

Only merle puppies have the chance of having blue eyes. In this case the merle gene effected around their eyes and creates a discoloration of the brown eyes making them blue.                                                              

Never breed two merle puppies together. You have a chance of getting a double merle and this can case  


blindness and deafness, loss of all pigment in those areas. 


We also occasionally get a party puppy. This is a trait passed on to merle puppies from the poodle side. Our poodle is party factored and will throw a party puppy when paired with a red merle Australian Shepherd some of the time.

What's included -

If your puppy is shipped a crate is included in the shipping fee. All puppies will come with a bag of food. Your puppies health record will come completed up to time of departure with your puppy.

Puppies food - 

We feed all our dogs and puppies, Victor dog food. You are required to feed your dog Victor, or Life Abundance in order for your health guarantee to be valid. Click here to order Victor Dog Food type in victor dog food on the home page  

If you do change your puppies food, do it slowly over time. Give your puppy half the old food and half the new food mixed for about a week or so to avoid stomach upset.                                                                    

Sick puppies - 

Each puppy will come to their new home happy and healthy. If for any reason your puppy is deemed unfit to enter a new home at their vet check, you will be notified and given the opportunity to pick another available puppy at that time or to place your name on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. You may also request a refund of the deposit at this time.

Health Testing -

Ace has been health test cleared through is pedigree. Three generations on each side have been health tested and cleared. His father even came back with excellent hips, which as has high as you can get. We will be health testing Ace later this year once old enough.  

Disclaimer -

We can not guarantee eye color of any puppy. They start to settle into blue or brown around 4-6 weeks of age but it isn't for sure until older. We also will try and help you pinpoint the puppy with the personality that will fit you best. However, it isn't something that we can guarantee as our puppies are still really young before going to your home and are still developing their own unique personalities at that time. 

Waiting List - 

To get on a waiting list you will need to place a deposit and to fill out our health guarantee contract. Once we receive your deposit you will be placed on the waiting list. Once the puppies are 3-4 weeks old those on the waiting list will pick their puppies in order of when we received your deposit. If when it is your turn to pick and you would like to wait for the next litter due to personal preference you are welcome to do so. We reserve the right to have first pick  of any litter. 

Visiting puppies -

We no longer allow people to come to our home to see puppies. Our first priority is to protect our puppies and their moms. It is very upsetting for our moms to see strangers with their puppies, exspecially at young ages. We also can not determine if any disease or parasite is being brought to our home, unknown most the time to those that bring them. We will meet those that would like to see their puppy or puppy choices in person at a neutral location. We will not bring moms to the meeting place as it is stressful and they are trying to feed and care for their puppies. You can also find video and updated pictures of your puppy and its mother on our website. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you