Our Crew


Scout is a blue merle purebred Australian Shepherd. She is right on the border of Mini and standard at 18 inches tall and weighing 55-60 lbs. She has one brown eye and one blue. Scout loves to play with our kids. She is fun loving and such a sweetheart. She is very smart and is a great dog. She has beautiful puppies and we have heard good things about them. 


Journey is a blue merle purebred Australian Shepherd. She is a small mini Aussie. She is 15 inches tall and weighs 25-30 lbs. She has beautiful markings and a great personality! She loves people of all ages and strives to please. She is a fast learner and a great companion.



Scarlet is a Blue Merle F1 Aussiedoodle. She is a small mini standing at 14 inches tall. weighing 15 pounds. She is very smart, and the kids love that she doesn't get hair on them (non shedding), and that she is always running around the yard with them. 


Mazy is a Blue Merle F1 Aussiedoodle. She is full of life, and is a very playful fun dog. She is a Mini. Stands 17 inches tall, and weighs about 20-25 pounds. She's a Blue Merle with lots of different markings. She loves to interact with us, and doesn't have any aggression toward people, or other dogs. 


Maverick is are little ball of fluff. He is a red party factored AKC toy poodle. He is 10 inches tall and 9-11 lbs. He loves everyone especially kids. He is a quick learner and has been a great addition to our home. He comes from clear lines and has been health tested through Paw Print Genetics and is clear on everything.  


Toby is an AKC registered miniature poodle.  He stands 11 inches tall and is 9.5 lbs.  He is red with white markings (abstract).  He has been health tested clear for DM, GM2, OCD, NEWS, vWD1, and his hips are Good.  He is a real sweetheart and loves my kids,  Being a poodle he is very smart and hypoallergenic.  We love his broader, short nose which is hard to find in poodles.