Shipping/Pick Up

We offer both pickup and air shipping.
Air shipping: We no longer offer a cargo option for shipping our puppies. We instead ship with puppy nannies. This is a safer and less stressful experience for our puppies and we feel this is the best method to deliver puppies by plane. We contract out and with our puppy nannies. They will take your puppy as a carry on and deliver your pup to you at the airport of your choice. This service is $550 and you do not receive a crate with your pup. 
An alternate option for air shipping is to have you fly in to pick up your puppy. You would take your puppy back on the plane with you as a carry on. This service is free except for the price of your round trip ticket. We do not supply a soft crate for shipping. For this service you are responsible for checking with the airline to determine any restricts, soft crate specifications, and the ability to carry on your pup for that specific flight. 
Pick up: You are more than welcome to come and pick up your new puppy. We are able to meet those coming from the Utah direction in Ogden UT, and those from the Boise direction in Twin Falls ID. Meeting times depend on the date you request and due to personal schedules our ability to meet you may vary. Please talk to us and we can set up a time that works for everyone. Usually only one trip it made to either of those locations, so we will work with everyone that is in that area to make one trip work. Thank you.
If you haven't told us your choice of shipping please e-mail us and let us know. In the subject line put either: Air shipping, or Pick up. In the message include: your name, name of puppy, and for different types of shipping include: shipping by air include which airport (2 options if possible). For pick up please e-mail me your preferences and I will get back to you on times. Thank you and have a great day.