Waiting List

A $250 deposit and health contract need to be completed before being placed on a waiting list. You will be placed on the waiting list of your choice according to the time we receive your deposit. Once puppies are born, that meet your preference, you will be notified and you can watch and follow all the puppies until they are 3 weeks old. At that time you will pick your puppy in order first to last as you appear on the waiting list. The day the puppies turn 3 weeks old you will be given one hour (with the first person starting at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight time) to decide which puppy you'd like to pick before moving on the to next person on the list. If it comes to your turn and, due to personal preference, would like to have more options, you can opt to wait for a future litter at that time. You will then move up the waiting list as those that pick a puppy will no longer be ahead of you. After picking a puppy the remaining $250 deposit is required to hold your puppy until delivery. A total of $500 deposit that is deducted from the price of your puppy. Deposits are nonrefundable, however if seller is unable to product puppies after 1.5 years (3 complete cycles)  a deposit can be refunded. We reserve the right to first pick of any litter. You have 1.5 years, or approximately 3 full litter cycles to pick a puppy, or forfeit your deposit. If no puppies are born in one of the cycles you will have another cycle that you can stay on the waiting list. Thank You! 

Waiting List (all upcoming litters)

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